Play OnePlus Mobile Puzzle Game Crackables
Play OnePlus Mobile Puzzle Game Crackables | Image Credits: OnePlus Forum

OnePlus Mobile puzzle game Crackables brings Grand prizes. You can play this web-based puzzle game via your Mobile phone only. We will provide you the URL but first, we make sure to give you all the details of this game.

How to Play OnePlus Mobile Puzzle Game Crackables?

In Crackable there are a total of 2 rounds. The first one is Software Round however, the second one is Hardware Round.

Software Round Procedure

In Software round you are provided with a series of puzzles which you have to solve as fast as you can.

There are a total of 3 levels in this software round which you have to complete as fast as you can in 3 days.

The 1000 fastest player then drives into the Hardware round.

The software round begins this September 18, at 8 AM EST. However, after staying for 3 days it will end on September 20, at 11:59 PM EST.

Hardware Round Procedure

After completion of Software Round, the community has decided to bring a gap of 4 days to drive 1000 Round 1 winners to some other portal.

So, the Hardware Round Begins this September 25 at 8 AM IST which last up to September 28 till 11:59 IST. The company decides not to close the game portal even after this competition will end.

After completion of Hardware round, September 29 is the day when officials call out the name of the winner.

Grand Prize that Winner will Get

The winner will get a Grand Gaming set which includes IWR1 IMPERATORWORKS Gaming Chair, 2 LG 42.5 Monitors and a Xidax PC as mention in the OnePlus blog post.

Make sure to open this portal via your Mobile phone because it won’t work on the Desktop version. You can use any Mobile browser. We recommend you to use Chrome.

You have any doubt and query about this game you can roll over to the official post about this game by OnePlus guys.

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