apple officially releases ios 12
Apple Officially Release iOS 12 | Image Credits: Apple

Today, Apple officially releases iOS 12 for iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch. Those of you who wait a long time to grab the stable version of iOS 12, it is your time now. iOS 12 is available for all devices that are running iOS 11. Talking about the iPhone series, iOS 12 is available for all iPhone 5S and later. In the iPad series, iOS 12 is available for iPad Mini, iPad Air and later. Moreover, this new OS version is also available for all the 6th generation iPod Touch.

Apple Officially Releases iOS 12: Some Features at a Glance

Improved Performance

iOS 12 not just packs with the improved performance but it also brings some new features. In iOS 12 the response time for most of the Apps improves drastically. Once you tap on an App it instantly pops up in front of you.


With iOS 12 Siri can now customize the automation of Third party apps via Shortcuts. Siri now monitors your routine of how you use an App. More specifically, for example at what time so that next time it will automatically recommend you.

Screen Time

iOS 12 has made by also taking into mind that it will keep track of how much time you spend on a certain app. This feature is called Screen time. In fact, iOS 12 also gives you the ability to limit the usage time for an app. This feature will greatly improve the parental control.

Smart Notification

iOS 12 notification is now smarter. iOS 12 brings Quiet Notification. If you ON the feature called Deliver Quietly, Notifications won’t appear on the Lock screen. However, you will find it in the notification center.


DND feature now has a unique option. iOS 12 DND now let you ON DND for a specific location. Say when you enter a location ON the DND feature and Turn Off it automatically when you leave that location.

Photo Search

The Photo Search feature smartly suggests you a set of photos you need to post on some specific occasion. However, you also get a search bar when you can accurately search it.

ARKit 2.0

ARKit 2 has been introduced in iOS 12. This will take the Augmented Reality experience on iOS 12 devices to a next level. One can visit the same AR location via two different devices.


Apple already releases the concept of Animoji that is an advanced version of emoji. Now, it also brings Memoji via which you can create your own animation character. iOS 12 includes four new Animoji Character including Koala, Tiger, Ghost, and, T-Rex.

Besides these above features, there are a lot of several other features you find in the new iOS 12. To read about those features you can roll over to the iOS 12 official section.

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