Google Assistant Add More Visual Interaction

Google Assistant Add more visual Interaction in its recent update. We know, Google tries to Made this Digital assistant more voice friendly, however still 60% of the Google Assistant task is done by Touch. Therefore, Looking at this data Google has made the assistant more Image Friendly. Because from now on you interact with Google Assistant more via Images and Icons.

In the latest blog post, Google presents some insight about this new update. It’s been two years when Google Launch a digital assistant for all the tech consumers. This new technology helps them to collab with other techs on the web or local via voice commands. Now, this digital assistant got a makeover for it visual interactions too.

Talking about the visual upgrade, now Google assistant have more images, slider, and buttons. Google explains one can use the sliders to control their smart home devices. However, increasing or decreasing the volume rockers will also do the same task for smart speakers.

One can use their fingers to draw a comma which writing a sentence. Beside these users can also check their latest interaction with Google assistant by swiping up the screen.

In our opinion, whether a company builds a smart device or anything by taking care of something in mind, they also have to sincerely pay attention to visual too. Visual features like images, videos, design, Artwork etc. we all see how engaging these are on several other tech platforms over the web. Therefore, one can’t neglect the visual options in their product.

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