Twitter iOS Data Saver Options
Twitter iOS Data Saver Options

Twitter iOS Data Saver Options are now manageable at one place. In the Latest Update, Twitter for iOS improves the data management feature by providing a single option now. Twitter for iOS now got a Data Saver Option. It does not mean that the data management feature is not present in the Twitter at the First Place. It was there but the only difference is this time it is handled via a Single option.

Before version 7.33, Twitter has the separate option to enable or disable autoplay videos. Additionally, it also has the separate option for image quality. Now both of these options are controlled via a single option i.e. Data Saver. Once you enable the Data Saver option, Twitter Disable the autoplay videos, moreover, also reduce the image quality.

This is all about the Data management option Twitter has in the v7.33. Beside these Twitter also improve some group options. For example, With v7.33 Direct messaging to Group members is more convenient. Also Finding Group members too. All the above features currently roll out for iOS users globally.

Recently, We all see how Twitter Bring Back its Chronological Timeline for better post engagement. In the comments below, you can let us know about all the feature you like in Twitter Most.

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