Firefox Focus Brings Search Suggestions
Firefox Focus Brings Search Suggestions

Firefox Focus Brings Search Suggestions and several other features in its new Update patch. The browser also takes care of UI this time. We all know Firefox as a Big Ship which helps the user to surf the Internet. The Company which built Firefox i.e. Mozilla also takes care of user privacy after they built Firefox focus. A Browser which is the one stop for all our Private Browsing needs. Day by day Firefox focus team improving this browser by adding so many features but also taking care of User’s privacy in Mind. This Time Firefox Focus brings search suggestions and Revamp Design which we see in most of the popular browsers these days.

Search suggestions as most of us know, a feature that suggests us the search engine keywords that relates to our keyword while we type one. This feature is quite helpful in those situations where we can’t explain our question to the search engine in short. This feature basically improving the user experience.

Besides taking care of UX this time, Firefox Focus team also touch the UI side of the Browser. Giving the browser a full makeover with Materialistic Design. With this new update, Firefox Focus also recommend user about some feature. See for yourself in the screenshot below.

Firefox Focus Feature Recommendation
Firefox Focus Feature Recommendation | Image Credits: Mozilla Blog

One thing to note about the new Search suggestions feature in Firefox Focus is, Search suggestion gives the ability to your ISP to track your search Query. Therefore, taking this thing into consideration, the team turn off this feature by default. So, if you want to turn on this feature you can do so by navigating this location.

app settings > Search > select the checkbox (Get search suggestions)

Firefox Focus team also bring Siri Shortcuts and revamp the design by considering iOS 12 looks for iOS users. For Android Users, the design has been updated by considering Android Pie. This time Firefox focus has its company made mobile engine i.e. Gecko’s View.

You can let us know what are your favorite features in this cool browser.

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