Google Map Adds Commute Tab
Google Map Adds Commute Tab | Image Credits: Google

Google Map Adds Commute Tab in the App for all the Android as well as iOS users. This new tab manages all your commutes data at one place. From here you can access the live traffic data so that you manage your daily commutes well.

According to Google Map authorities, most of the daily commutes consumes 60% more time. But the real question is what are the all possible things that factor the time of the trip. They reveal in the real world several things are happening but till now we are not able to include that data in our engine. However, now we can successfully calculate this real data. For example, Suppose you are going to your office from your home. Now, In the middle, an accident of someone causes a high traffic. Now, In the commute tab, you will get the notification of these kinds of things. Android Users more specifically get this notification at an early stage so that they will not be stuck in the traffic.

Not only giving you the notification of the accident, but the commute tab also provides you the best alternate route. Most of us are using mixed transportation in our daily life. For example, From one checkpoint to other we drive and from one checkpoint to other we use public transportation and vice versa. This new Commute tab also manages this kind of mixed transportation data too. It can even count our steps so that we can’t face any delay.

From this commute tab, you can also track when your train leaves from the station. Additionally, it will also give you the info of how much time do you take to reach at the station using your steps counter. Taking the user engagement feature into consideration, Google map also integrates popular music services like Spotify, Google Play Music, and, Apple Music directly in this app. All this new feature that comes to Google Map is now available in 80 cities worldwide.

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