SwiftKey Adds Instant Translation via Microsoft Translator

SwiftKey adds Instant Translation via Microsoft Translator. Microsoft acquires SwiftKey back in 2016. It is the most popular keyboard app which is available in the Google Play store right now. We tell it the most popular app because out of more than 2 Million rating, it got the 4.5-star mark. Its download figure is also quite insane, with a total of more than 100 Million downloads.

What makes this new update in Swiftkey interesting is the Instant Translation. With a total of 60 languages, you can translate and feed on one language to another on the go. It means when you type a text its translated version automatically feed into the place where you want to write. This makes this feature interesting because here you don’t have to switch between your translator and the keyboard app. Moreover, It also relieves you from copy and pastes task.

SwiftKey Adds Instant Translation via Microsoft Translator: How to Enable it?

To access and enable the Microsoft Translation in SwiftKey you just have to start the typing in any editor. As soon as you are ready for typing the SwiftKey Keyboard interface opens. Once the Interface open, at the left top corner of the interface you will see a + icon. Clicking on the plus icon reveal several options. In these options, Instant Translation is also present. Click on the Translation icon enables the Microsoft SwiftKey Instant Translation. Translation icon looks something like this.

Translation Icon in SwiftKey
Translation Icon in SwiftKey

Microsoft doesn’t want to limit this cool app and its features to Android only. 3 months earlier Microsoft officials say soon Swiftkey native version also lands into the Windows 10 OS too.

If you want more technical details, SwiftKey Version implements the Microsoft Automatic Translation. Moreover, this new update is already available in the Play store. So, if you are looking for a keyboard app that also packs with Instant Translation with over 60 languages, SwiftKey is the best I think. Talking about other apps that fall down to the same niche, yes Google Gboard and Google Translate are there. But here, you have to switch between the apps and also perform the copy-paste operation too.

For all the noobs out there let me tell you SwiftKey have a beta version too in the Play store. The Feature I mention above is available in the stable version. Moreover, If you like to test the upcoming SwiftKey features at first, you can install the SwiftKey Beta version.

Besides all of these, you can also tell us which keyboard app you are using right now. What are the features that you like most in your keyboard app?

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