Stealing Access Tokens Exposes 50 Million Facebook Accounts
Stealing Access Tokens Exposes 50 Million Facebook Accounts

In a recent data breach at Facebook, Stealing access tokens exposes 50 Million Facebook Accounts, Zuckerberg Says. Access Token which we discussed earlier a key for opening an account. Last year Facebook integrates a new video uploaded on the platform. However, that time Facebook developers don’t know what mess it will create in future. That video uploader was actually infected with bugs which are now identified by the company.

In collaboration with Facebook’s View as Feature, this Video Uploader grabs a user Access Token. The key to accessing one’s Facebook Profile. View as Feature which is useful to check your profile from someone other perspectives. This feature gives you the ability to look your profile from your friends or public view. So, View as Feature and Video Uploader helps the attacker to capture user’s access token.

Facebook says after an attacker grabs an access token for one account he/she links to the other accounts to grab more access tokens. Officials from the company, however, report as for now they fix the issue and reports their investigation team as well as the FBI officials. To let you aware, officials fix the issue by resetting the access token of the infected accounts. Recently Facebook renovates its bug bounty program where they raise bounty to those users who will find rat apps for the company.

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