YouTube Mini Player Rolls Out for the Web Version
YouTube Mini Player Rolls Out for the Web Version

YouTube Mini Player Rolls Out for the Web Version Globally. This new option you will find right on the web player. It is present at the right bottom side of the player. When you click on this Miniplayer icon the YouTube web player shrinks down to a mini player and move to the bottom right corner of your browser screen.

When we explore more about this new option, the mini player contains play, forward, and reverse button. Moreover, when you right click on the mini player, you get a series of options. Rolling your mouse over this new mini player also reveals the close icon. Moreover, when you click on any part of mini player other than its option, it leads you to again open the full web version.

As soon as you shrink the full web player to mini player, on the background you will see the previous page you open earlier. Talking about its availability, we see it is present in the latest stable version of the chrome i.e. of version 69. However, it is also available in the incognito mode. At previous we see how YouTube launches Fundraising tools to support Non-Profit organization. Moreover, YouTube also ready to rolls out 20 Second Non-Skippable Video Format and tests it right now because it is not globally available.

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