YouTube 20 Second Non Skippable Ad
YouTube 20 Second Non Skippable Ad | Photo Credits: Skrike Social

Creators who monetize their YouTube Channels can roll out YouTube 20 Second Non Skippable Ad from next week. These Non Skippable ads are mostly videos and of 20 seconds in length. As the name signifies you can’t skip these ads in between.

Here, Technically, this Non Skippable ad is a kind of Pre Roll ad, because Pre Roll ads are 15 to 20 seconds long and are Non Skippable. Moreover, the Pre Roll ads suits for Pay Per Click Campaigning. Therefore, Pre Roll ads are more aggressive and marketers use these ads for selling kinds of stuff or downloading a song you can say.

Right now, another type of Non Skippable ad that you find on YouTube is the Bumper Ad that is of 6 seconds in Length. However, Bumper ads suits for Pay Per view campaigning. Therefore, this ad is useful for Brand Awareness Campaigning.

Creators can generate some more revenue after the implementation of 20-second Non Skippable Ads. However, It is interesting to see how many times (depends on the interval) these ads appear during a video playback. On the other side, How viewers react to this ad type because 20 second is a lot more time. If this ad pops up for a time for every new visitor then it is okay. However, if it pops up for every interval then it will become a serious headache in my opinion. Let see how these ads really work, because YouTube has not clarified about these technicalities.

What is your opinion on 20 seconds long non-skippable ad on YouTube? Post in the comment section below.

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