Flying Drones are Going to be Legal in India
Flying Drones are Going to be Legal in India from December 2018

Yes, you heard it right, Flying Drones are going to be legal in India from December 2018. This happens after the Indian Aviation ministry release some guidelines for commercial use of Drones which comes under RPAS i.e. Remotely Pilot Aircraft System.

As we all know, Drone Technology is increasing in the field of communication and surveillance. Its demand is also growing in the commercial market. However, when we talk about its use it is not limited, because its use is evolving and increasing. Some of its usage examples are filmmaking, Disaster Management, Real estate construction etc. However, all of these things are rapidly growing in India. Therefore, legalizing drones in our opinion is a great step to give quality support in all of these sectors.

Flying Drones are Going to be Legal in India

As of now, flying drones is illegal in India. However, When this new policy rolls out (expecting in December 2018), no one obliges you for flying drones weighing up to 250 grams. But when it comes to drones weighing more than this number, you need to register your drone’s serial number on a Web portal that is also expecting to release in December 2018. DGCA name this portal as Digital Sky where one can get a Unique identification number for there flying machines.

To use drones for commercial use by companies, officials point out they have to wait for more. They also explain delivering payout using drones are currently not covered under this policy. Therefore, one who use drones to deliver some goods is punishable. Moreover, According to this new drone policy, a user can fly a drone up to a maximum height of 400 feet only during daytime.

We think upcoming years are great for drone service companies or startups in India. Who knows India become a central hub in this sector too.

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