AT&T Acquires Time Warner for $85 Billion
AT&T Acquires Time Warner for $85 Billion

On Thursday, AT&T Acquires Time Warner for $85 Billion. Now, You will see the two Network and Entertainment Giant together in the field. AT&T which masters in Networking whereas on the other hand Time Warner masters in Entertainment field. Moreover, Both of them now merge, AT&T is now the largest content distributor as well as producer. AT&T has also got all the Time Warner movie and TV shows distribution as well as all the satellites.

AT&T Acquires Time Warner for $85 Billion

The company stuck to acquire Time Warner from October 22, 2016, however, Trump Administration stops the acquisition by filing an Antitrust Lawsuit. They tell that the merger will form a big giant and become a threat to the small content distributors and media. The merger will increase the Cable Price. However, after a federal Judge approves this merger on Thursday, Now Time Warner is all AT&T property.

About AT&T

Those of you who don’t know about AT&T, it is the world’s largest Telecommunications Company as well as America’s Largest Fixed Line Telephone service. In Short, I can say you AT&T is the subsidiary of Bell Telephone Company. Yes, you have guessed it right, the same company which was founded by Graham Bell in 1880.

About Time Warner

Time Warner is an American Multinational Entertainment and Media Company. This company deals with all types of mass media production things like that.

Present Assets of AT&T

AT&T has several assets along with Time Warner now. You can take a reference of all its assets here. Moreover, Some of the important ones are DirectTV, Cricket Wireless, AT&T GoPhone etc.

Present Assets of Time Warner

Presently, There are several assets which Time Warner owns. We list out these assets below:

  1. HBO
  2. CNN
  3. DC Comics
  4. Warner Bros.
  5. Time Inc.
  6. AOL

However, As AT&T acquires Time Warner, these all assets are the property of AT&T now.

Moreover, After the acquisition, The CEO of AT&T, Randall Stephenson present a statement. In the statement, he says that he will introduce some brand new strategy about how media and entertainment industry works for consumers.

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