Instagram Stories Screenshot Notifications Removed Unofficially
Instagram Stories Screenshot Notifications Removed Unofficially

Instagram Stories Screenshot Notifications Removed Unofficially. In fact, Instagram doesn’t roll out this feature in its live app for all the users. However, From February 2018, some Instagram users got the notification when someone screenshot their stories. Moreover, After 3 months of testing, the Instagram official finally decide to not inject this feature into the most popular photo sharing site on the web.

Let me tell you that the Instagram Stories Screenshot Notification feature is just like Snapchat’s one. In Snapchat if a user screenshot a photo, video and other stuff from someone other accounts, then the creator gets a pop up in their notification panel.

However, Instagram has never officially announced this feature. Moreover, all the beta testers have already met with this feature. Now, this feature is also not available for beta testers. This is because Instagram removes this feature. But, they can’t tell us about it because it is never official in the papers.

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Instagram Stories Screenshot Notifications Removed Unofficially: What’s now?

Presently, Instagram doesn’t have any feature which protects Instagram Stories from Screengrabbing. It means that if someone screenshot or screengrabs a creator’s Story on Instagram then the creator will not get any notifications. Moreover, In our opinion, Instagram must introduce some new feature which protects the stories that a hard-working creator post on his/her Instagram Account. Maybe in future, we see some features in Instagram. But for now, we have to take a leave there.

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