Samsung Galaxy S9+ Sunrise Gold Edition Launched in India
Samsung Galaxy S9+ Sunrise Gold Edition Launched in India | Photo Credits:

Samsung Galaxy S9+ Sunrise Gold edition launched in India. Today Samsung has introduced a new color to S9+ edition in India. This new color variant is available in 128GB of internal memory. Moreover, this new color variant gives those users a personalize and stylish experience who wants to enjoy this popular model in Gold finishing. Overall the phone looks like a king in this color.

Moreover, with this new color model, Samsung also adds a TV control Widget as a report by Samsung. With the TV Control widget, a user can easily switch between TV and Phone respectively. Even they can enjoy their phone games on the large screen and vice versa. This will also give a portable experience to the Samsung user.

Talking about this TV Control Widget in detail, It comes with Device to TV option by which you can use your TV as a Bluetooth speaker. This Widget also has Play sound feature by which you can share the music present in your device to your neighboring devices.

Beside Sunrise Gold edition, this Phone comes in different color variants such as Coral Blue, Midnight Black, and Purple.

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