Accidentally Format Original Pre-installed Windows
Accidentally Format Original Pre-installed Windows

What to do if you Accidentally Format Original Pre-installed Windows? I have seen so many cases in which a noob Accidentally Format Original Pre-installed Windows from their PC or Laptop. Well, Many of us has done this mistake once in our digital life. However, after some time we realize what silly thing we have done. Well, Original windows pack with a lot of benefits even if it is a Home version. Moreover, the most useful thing about original windows is the latest security patches. The security patches one will get from the Microsoft officials.

Have you ever consider how important these security patches are? Well, let us make the terms simple, here from security patches I mean the latest updates. So, the latest security patches come with the latest bug or error refinement which developers face after they roll out the full version in the market.

In today’s digital market every software and applications are designed in such a way, that at a later time one can make refinement in it through the updates.

So, if you accidentally format your windows from your PC or Laptop then read our this article to overcome this problem.

What to do if you Accidentally Format Original Pre-installed Windows? (Guide)

If you Accidentally Format Original Pre-installed Windows and you want to install it now, then don’t worry. Below we give you some steps by which you can recover from it.

  1. First Download the Windows anywhere from the web. You can use torrent services like and search for the Windows you want to install. For Fetching the torrent, you can use some services like, etc.
  2. Now, Check the sticker which is present on the back side of your laptop. There you find your windows version for eg. Window 7 Home edition. Moreover, the officials also print a 25 Digit Key there. Note it Down Somewhere. That’s the Product Key for your Respective window. If you don’t find any sticker on the back side of your laptop to get the product key you can refer to this article by Microsoft.
  3. Now, Install that version of Windows in your PC which you find on the Backside Sticker.
  4. When the Windows Installation completes and ask you for the activation, feed the 16 Digit key there. This is the same key which you have noted from the Sticker.

Well, My main intention to write this article is you can recover your original windows again even after you format it from your Hard Drive. You just need two things a product key and windows installation files. These Installation files can either be present in a Bootable Pendrive or Burn on a DVD.


Don’t install a pro version of Windows if your Original Windows was Home Version initially for example. If you install a pro version and try to activate it using your product key (which is basically for Home Version) then your windows will not activate.

In this Way, you again get your Original Windows Back. Now, you can freely update your Windows with the Latest Security Patches.

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