Samsung Focus to Build their Own GPU

The Latest report says that now Samsung focus to Build their Own GPU. Those of you who don’t know let me tell you till now no any smartphone manufacturing company built their own GPU. Most of the GPU that is used in Smartphones these days are made by Qualcomm, ARM, MediaTek, Power VR (i.e. used in Apple). In fact, Samsung uses Qualcomm Adreno in their flagship series like S8 (Adreno 540) and S9(Adreno 630). Moreover, In their mid-range devices, Samsung uses Mali GPU that is designed by the ARM.

Samsung Focus to Build their Own GPU

Now, it Seems like Samsung is serious towards building their Own GPU. We post this news on the basis of an article which is present on the Linkedin Profile of a Samsung’s Senior Recruiting Partner.

Attention GPU Engineers! Samsung is growing and we are hiring!

If this project will Successful then, Samsung will be the first Smartphone Manufacture Company who has their own GPU also. Additionally, we also see a cut in price margin of Samsung Phones if their GPU Building Project will Skyrocket.

Moreover, Samsung will not limit their GPU to these handy devices only but they also integrate it on large platforms. By large platform we mean devices which are dependent on Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Right now, you can think as Samsung will also integrate these GPU’s in Self-driving Cars project like that.

Although, All the Smartphones Manufacturer Giants are looking forward to building their Own GPU. Now, It is interesting to see that who build their tiny little monster first.

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