AMD-Demonstrates-Worlds-First-7nm-GPU-with-32GB | Image Credits: AMD

Today, AMD Demonstrates Worlds First 7nm GPU with 32GB. Recently, The result of competition in the hardware industry gives us a 28 core CPU. Let me tell you that Intel gives us this CPU which has 32 core thread ripper also. Now, the competition also gives us a 7nm GPU. According to experts, AMD uses this 7nm Chip for machine learning Technology. Moreover, AMD CEO says this chip will be given for Radeon Gaming Graphics as well.

AMD Demonstrates Worlds First 7nm GPU with 32GB: Info

In hardware industry, different chip manufacturing companies compete to build smaller and smaller chips so as to fit more and more components in the respective device. For Now, AMD doesn’t leak any info about the specs of this chip, however, this chip has a memory of 32GB.

At Computex, AMD demonstrates the power of this chip by rendering a 4D Cinema using it. The result was pretty impressive because it runs it so smoothy likes any normal video we watch. As this chip will be the part of Instinct line, AMD gives it the name Radeon Vega Instinct.

We hope that soon in future we have more powerful smaller and compact devices in our hand. And of course, some credits goes to chip manufacturing companies too.

Talking about the availability of this chip, Device Manufacturer will get the sample of it soon.

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