ASUS Constructs a Crypto-Mining Motherboard that Supports 20 GPUs

Today ASUS announced that ASUS Constructs a Crypto-Mining Motherboard that Supports 20 GPUs. Let me tell you that ASUS has created this motherboard specifically for cryptocurrency mining. The most unique thing about this motherboard is that it can support up to 20 GPUs. Hell Yeah! You heard it right. Moreover, This motherboard can be connected directly to a PCB via a USB cable.

The company believes that they want to make this motherboard’s tunning and maintenance easier than ever, giving least PCI connections. The less the PCI the less the diagnostics will have to do.

ASUS H370 Mining Master Board
ASUS H370 Mining Master Board | Image Credits: ASUS

ASUS Constructs a Crypto-Mining Motherboard that Supports 20 GPUs: Report

According to a report posted by Asus, they have named this Motherboard H370. In this motherboard, the company has given the facility of data crunching by default with the help of GPU.

When Cryptocurrency mining came in the market, this technique changed the map of the hardware industry. Hardware manufacturers are now focused on to innovate new type of hardware by experimenting with various configurations.

Currently, ASUS is leading the market to assemble so many GPUs on a single motherboard. And of course, it is working like a Mclaren. Today, In the market, various Crypto-currency mining Motherboards are available whose price range drifts from 50 to 400 dollars. Now it will be interesting to see what is the number Asus will place in the price tag of H370. Experts believe that this motherboard will start arriving in North America in the 3rd quarter of 2018.

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