List of Top 5 Notch Display Phones in India 2018
List of Top 5 Notch Display Phones in India 2018

In this article, we are going to give you the List of Top 5 Notch Display Phones in India 2018. Last year, in 2017, iPhone introduced the concept of Notch in Phone’s screen to give it a Futuristic look. Moreover, besides its look, the company says, due to notch a user can see some more line of text on the most engaging part of today’s phone i.e. Phone’s Display.

Today’s Phone design covers some basic things i.e. Touch Display, Camera on the Phone’s Front Face, Speakers, Sensors and Some Buttons. Here, I have considered only the front face of a normal today’s Phone. Moreover, In all the things that the front face of a normal phone cover today, Screen is the most engaging Part. Therefore, iPhone developers introduce a design called Notch, which increases the usefulness of the Phone’s most engaging part i.e. Display.

However, In the tech world, different designers have the different perspective about this new design. So, Here we are not going to discuss this design in detail. Moreover, Our main motto here is to provide you with the List of Top 5 Notch Display Phones in India 2018. There are only a few manufacturers who follow the trend of iPhone. Let’s see.

List of Top 5 Notch Display Phones in India 2018 in Detail

1. iPhone X

From my above description, it is clear now that iPhone X is the first Phone that introduces the concept of Notch in Phone’s Display. However, In my above description, I have not told you that the iPhone’s Notch area contains an array of Front CameraSensors, and, Earpiece. In India this the price of iPhone X base variant is Rs 89,000. However, now you can buy this base variant for around Rs 80,000 from different e-commerce site as this phone completes around 6 months of its journey.

2. OnePlus 6

The 2nd Phone in our list is one of the flagship killer Handsets i.e. OnePlus 6. However, OnePlus comes 5 months late with the notch design in one of its phone i.e. OnePlus 6. In OnePlus 6 also the notch covers all those elements as in iPhone X. We call it a Flagship killer because of its number on the price tag. It is only Rs 34,999 for the base variant. You can buy this phone either from the OnePlus official site or from

3. Vivo X21

Vivo X21 also comes with the Notch Design. Although, This phone was launch in China first. But you can buy it now in India also via Flipkart or Vivo online store. Vivo X21 costs you around Rs 35,990. Beside the Notch Design, one more unique thing on this phone is a Fingerprint Sensor on the Display.

4. Oppo F7

Oppo F7 also comes with notch design on its display. However, Oppo F7 is the second model in Oppo Phones which comes with the notch design. The first one is Oppo R15. But, R15 is not launched in India. The cost of Oppo F7 in India is around Rs 20,283.

5. Vivo V9

The last Phone on our list which comes with Notch Display is Vivo V9. Here, also the notch area covers all those basic elements like other phones on our list. Therefore, let’s talk about its price. This phone cost you around Rs 21,999 for its base variant in India. Moreover, you can buy it both via online as well as offline.

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