World's first Wireless Charger
World's first Wireless Charger

World’s First Wireless Charger

This is the world’s first wireless charger. The phone is charged from a distance of 1 feet.

You are listening and watching about wireless charging for the past one year. Companies like Samsung and Apple are providing wireless charging support with their phones. There was no real wireless charger in the market yet. Now an actual wireless charger is coming which can charge the phone from a distance of 1 feet.

American startup pie which is an MIT alumni has introduced the world’s first wireless charger, which can charge the phone via magnetic waves. Explain that this charger is equipped with Apple’s wireless charger and Samsung’s wireless charger technology, but it has been given additional magnetic technology.

The price of this charger is approximately Rs. 12,870 in India. With the help of this charger, the device can be charged in a 1-foot radius. At present, this charger has not been made available in the market.

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