Top 5 iOS 11 hidden features
Top 5 iOS 11 hidden features

Top 5 iOS 11 hidden features | All you need to know about

Apple’s new operating system, iOS 11 has been launched and its updates are also available to iPhone users. Many users have also updated. If you have also updated your phone, then let’s tell you about the Top 5 iOS 11 Hidden features.

QR support and live editing in camera

This is the first time that Apple has given QR code support in the camera. Means you do not need an app separately. If you want to scan the QR code, then you have to open the camera and put it in front of the QR code. The camera itself will detect it. In addition, you can also edit live photos and videos.

Wi-Fi password sharing

If you want to connect to a network from the same network using Wi-Fi and you do not remember the password then you can share the password with your iPhone. Your iPhone will automatically give popup notifications to share the password.

Drag and drop

The iPhone’s Drag and Drop feature is a great one for the iPad but you can use it on the phone too. For example, if you are sending an e-mail to someone, then attach the photo so you can drag and attach the photo.

Screen control

The new iOS 11 also features a screen recording. You will find this feature in the Control Center. The good thing here is that you can or may not capture audio in screen recording.


The complete way of screenshots has changed in iOS 11. After the new updates, when you take a screenshot, you will also have the option to crop it and adjust it. After this, you will also have the option of saving the original screenshot and saving the cropped screenshot.

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