Will your Phone detect your Fingerprint if you Die explained
Will your Phone detect your Fingerprint if you Die explained

In this article, we are going to explain a curious topic i.e. “Will your Phone detect your Fingerprint if you Die?”. In March, Just a few days earlier in Largo, Florida, a Policeman Shot a guy “Linus Phillip”.

After that, some Detectives went to his house to collect his fingerprint for Investigation purpose. They want Phillip’s fingerprint so as to open his Phone Lock. Moreover, When they Collect his fingerprint and try to open his Phone. Sucks! The Phone wasn’t open.

Therefore, From there on a curious & Important Question list in the Tech Industry Q&A section. The Question is Will your Phone Detect Your Fingerprint if you die?

Q. Will Your Phone Detect Your Fingerprint if you die?

The truth is the Fingerprint of a Dead Person, makes it more difficult to open the Phone Lock if he/she died lately. This Information is given by a professor Anil Jain of Michigan University, who works closely on Fingerprint Recognition Technology from many years.

He told that Most of the smartphone’s Fingerprint Sensor works on Electrical Conductance. There is always a small amount of Electricity flows in our body. Moreover, When we put our finger on the fingerprint scanner, then the capacitor behind the scanner sucks some amount of electricity from us. Then, from that electricity, the phone Circuit draws a pattern and simultaneously scans our Fingerprint photo.

Moreover, Just like Fingerprint, this electricity pattern vary from body to body. Finally, when both things match, the Phone lock opens. However, when our body is dead then there is no such electricity in our body.

This is the main reason why a dead Finger’s fingerprint can’t open the Phone’s lock.

However, scientists have not yet figured out how long electricity flows in a person’s body after he/she dies.

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