Top 8 Cool New Gmail Web Features
Top 8 Cool New Gmail Web Features

In this article, we are going to talk about top 8 cool new Gmail web Features. After a 5 Long year, Gmail finally presents a cool makeover of its Web Interface. Additionally, Gmail also integrates some cool new features in it. Although Google adds several features in the New Gmail for Web. However, here we are going to talk about Top 8 Cool New Gmail Web Features.

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List of Top 8 Cool New Gmail Web Features

1. Ease of Use Tools

The very First thing I notice when I migrate to the New Gmail is obviously its material design look. Moreover, When someone asks me what about the Feature? I reply to those people, Ease of Use tools. Of course, Everyone out there who use Gmail effectively in their life must notice these tiny little icons right beside every mail. Here you find 4 shortcuts & In my opinion, each of them is very useful. Right beside every mail, you find an option to Archive, Delete, Mark as Read and Snooze a Mail.

2. Shortcut to Archive a Mail

When you archive a mail then, the mail suddenly disappears from the panel. Don’t worry Archiving a mail simply means clean up your inbox without deleting your emails. You can find an archived mail in the label All mail. Moreover, to simply access this label type “label: all” in the Search Bar present at the Top.

3. Snooze a Mail

Snooze a mail is a feature of Gmail by which you remove a mail from your inbox until you need them. Moreover, that mail will again come back at the top of inbox when the snooze period is over. In the new Gmail for the web, you can snooze a mail till Later Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, Next Weekend, Someday or for some specific date.

4. Add-ons

The next thing you must notice in the new Gmail for Web is the Add-ons. You definitely see 3 predefined add-ons which are present on the Right Side of your screen. These 3 Predefined add-ons are Google Calendar, Google Keep & Google Tasks. Moreover, Besides these 3 Add-ons, you can also add other add-ons there, by clicking on the + icons beneath it.

5. Attachment Tabs Shortcut

In this new Gmail for the web, we can find the Attachment Tab Shortcut which is present in a mail row. You can find this attachment tab only if the mail contains an attachment in it. You find every kind of attachment there which you are able to send through Gmail. Some General attachments are an Image file, Zip, PDF, Doc etc.

6. Confidential Mode

In confidential Mode, you can send emails using the Expiration counter. Here, this expiration counter is a date. Suppose you want to send a sensitive information which you want to destruct after some day then, you can do so using Confidential Mode. See the Picture below to get the overall idea.

7. Warning to Dangerous Mails

The New Gmail for Web tightens the security by automatically detecting the Harmful mails. It prevents the user from Phishing or clicking on a suspicious link. The New Gmail automatically displays “Delete Now” button if the message is suspicious.

8. Smart Reply

The New Smart Reply feature in Gmail Let you quickly send the response to messages. For every email, you receive smart reply gives you 3 response. You just tap on the response.

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