facebook downvote option starts rolling out
facebook downvote option starts rolling out

Facebook Downvote option starts rolling out Globally. Do not confuse that the Downvote Option is for the whole post. Moreover, With the help of Downvote option, a user can downvote the comment of some other user. Therefore, Here you can note that the downvote option comes merely for comments. You can think this Downvote option as a flagging button for comments. This is not something like a Dislike button which many users desire to come to Facebook. Facebook Downvote option looks something like this.

As you can see from the Photo above, the downvote option is present next to the Like and Reply button.

How does Facebook Downvote option work?

Suppose, you go through a comment on some post. Moreover, you don’t like that specific comment. Now, you downvote it using the downvote option. After you downvote that specific comment, then the comment hides for you. Next, Facebook asks you to choose whether the comment is Offensive, Misleading or Off Topic. You can choose any one of them.

Who First report Facebook Downvote option starts rolling out Globally?

The Next Web reports first about this feature on Monday. Some experts believe facebook downvote option gets its inspiration from Reddit downvote feature on comments.

Reddit Downvote Button
Reddit Downvote Button

Presently, the Trial of this new feature is rolled out in Australia & New Zealand for some users.

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