Guide of How to Migrate to the New Gmail Web Interface
How to Migrate to the New Gmail Web Interface

In this article, we are going to guide you to How to Migrate to the New Gmail Web Interface? On 25 April 2018, Gmail Product Manager Matthew Izatt gives an Information about the new Gmail Web Interface. Moreover, he provides this information on Google Blog. There he writes about the new Gmail which comes with several Improvements over the previous one. People who are now using the New Gmail call the old Gmail “Classic”.

The New Gmail comes with Phishing Protection. Moreover, you find a confidential mode in it. By this confidential mode, you can set the expiration date of a mail to self-destruct. Therefore, In this way, you protect the sensitive info. you want to send to someone.

New Gmail Interface also comes with some features that support AI. Some of those features are Nudging, Smart Reply etc.

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How to Migrate to the New Gmail Web Interface? Steps

Migrating to the New Gmail is not a difficult task. Moreover, users find it difficult to migrate to the new Gmail because the migrate option is hidden in a place where a user can’t find it easily. In fact, Gmail Developers must have to place this option somewhere in the front panel. Okay, let check out how to Migrate to the New Gmail Web Interface?

  • First, Open your Gmail Account.
  • Next, Click on the Gear Icon which is present at the Top Right Corner of your Gmail Web Interface. This Gear Icon is slightly below your Gmail Profile Picture.
  • As soon as you click the Gear Icon, you see a first option says Try the new Gmail.
  • Clicking on this option will lead you to the New Gmail Web Interface.

Additional Tips to Use New Gmail:

  • Always use the Display Density in Default mode to gain the Full feature experience in the New Gmail. For example: If you choose Comfortable or Compact in the Display Density then you won’t get the Shortcut to attachment feature in any of your mail.
  • Clicking on the Main Menu Hamburger Button which is present in the top left corner of your screen, let you gain the full-screen experience.

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