How to Hide Notch in One Plus 6
How to Hide Notch in One Plus 6 | Credits: One Plus

In this article, we gonna guide you How to Hide Notch in One Plus 6. One of the most disputed designs in One Plus 6 is the Notch. We do not understand why all phones are trying to copy the iPhone X notch design. These steps pump a new trend in the Phone Design Market. However, In our opinion, this trend is not a good one. We think the One Plus brand specializes in providing good design and configuration in itself, so it is not appropriate for One Plus to copy iPhone X.

Well, this year there are a number of brands that have infused Notch in their phones. It is a different matter that at the moment, Notch does not make any sense in these brands. Some of the brands which introduce Notch in their phone are ASUS, Huwai, OPPO & VIVO.

Justification of One Plus 6 Manufacturer company About the Notch

The one plus 6 manufacturer company says that they have infiltrated the Notch in one plus 6 so that the size of the screen can be increased to 0.28 inches. The company says that by introducing Notch, you will be able to see one more line of text in One Plus 6. Moreover, In One Plus 5, you will not.

However, the user who does not like this Notch feature in One Plus 6, Thank god they can disable it on their phone.

How to Hide Notch in One Plus 6?

  1. First, you should open the Settings panel to disable Notch in your One Plus 6.
  2. After this, scroll up and move to the Device sub-menu.
  3. Then tap on Display option.
  4. Then tap on Notch Display Option.
  5. Finally, Tap Hide the Notch Area option.

In this way, you will disable or hide the Notch in One Plus 6.

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