Google Launches Mini Stickers
Google Launches Mini Stickers

Google Launches Mini Stickers inside the Gboard App. These stickers are a special kind of emojis. However, you can think of it as the Google version of Apple’s Memojis. With Mini Sticker, you can create your version of Sticker. I meant to say that Google uses the power of machine learning and illustration to draw your face, eye, skin color and every detail that is necessary to create your illustration. Next, these illustrations are converted into stickers.

What makes Mini stickers interesting is, it is totally dynamic and live. Let me explain you with an example, suppose you bring your tongue out of your mouth then, your mini sticker also do the same thing. Just like Apple’s memojis.

Google brings mini sticker feature inside the Gboard App. However, it is not currently rolled out on most of the devices, but it will soon. Below we also explain to you how to access mini stickers inside Gboard app when it will become available for you.

Google Launches Mini Stickers: How to Access it?

To access Mini Sticker inside the Gboard app, open the app and click on the mini sticker.

Then, click on create. Once you click on the create option your camera opens and now you have to put your face inside the square on the screen.

Now, here you can make some expressions so that AI create a mini sticker for you.

Once the AI creates a mini sticker you can send it.

According to some tech portals, Mini sticker feature is made available in Google Gboard App version 7.5.

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