Tim Berners Lee Solid Project
Tim Berners Lee Solid Project

Tim Berners Lee Solid Project Soon decentralizes the whole Internet. From Past Few Years the British Born Computer Scientist Tim working on an Amazing Project and here world forgot him. Tim Berners Lee, have this name familiar to you, if not he is the same person who invents www also known as world wide web. Now he is again trending on the web, more specifically his web. This Time he builds a Solid project which Decentralizes the whole web. Oh, I forgot to mention Solid is the name of this Project.

Solid, A Project which is currently developing under Tim’s 9-month-old Startup called Inrupt. This new project in his terms not only decentralize the user data but also renovates the whole concept of today’s Internet. In a recent Interview with Katrina Brooker of Fastcompany.com, Tim shows the working of Solid App, a new kind of technology which you can’t say explicitly an app. The app is like a place where one can access all kind of files. Right now, you can think of this app like a mashup of Facebook, Spotify, WhatsApp, Google etc. Sounds cool I know. But this Solid is different from today’s version of the web in one aspect only i.e. Decentralization. Reviews and Gossips about this new technology in the open source community are also outstanding.

Right now most of the Internet giants like Facebook, Google, and Amazon trade users personal data with some sort of information. Sometimes this information is useful and at other time it might not. However, according to Tim some of this data is so precious that it can’t be traded for some sort of money. This whole concept is Centralization of data. Now with the concept of Solid Tim want to decentralize the current model. Let see when Tim introduce this new technology to the whole world. Moreover, how it will bend the current Internet Revolution.

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