YouTube Launches Fundraising Tools
YouTube Launches Fundraising Tools

YouTube Launches Fundraising tools to Support Non-Profit Organisations. All these fundraising tools fall under YouTube Giving Suite. Currently, there are approximately 1 Million non-profit organizations are on YouTube. Therefore YouTube officials bring some set of tools that will help them. However, these tools are accessible to all the YouTube Creators because they are the who help YouTube achieve the goal.

Following are the list of tools YouTubers get to help Non-Profits over YouTube.

  1. Fundraising Tool
  2. Community Fundraising Tool
  3. Campaign Matching Tool
  4. Super Chat

With Fundraising tool, Non-Profit YouTubers can embed a fundraising campaign in their videos and Live Streams. Moreover, the fan donates the fund by clicking on the Donate button that Fundraising tool provides. However, YouTubers first have to set up their payment providers. The cool thing here is YouTube doesn’t take a single penny from the funds you raise through fundraising tool. Right now, this tool is available for US and Canada YouTubers only. However, soon YouTubers from the different region also access it.

With Community fundraising tool, a bunch of YouTubers collab to raise funds for Non-Profits. However, the process is the same as we mentioned above.

Now, with Campaign matching tool, YouTube also show the all the other fundraisers who support the same cause. This feature will help in collaborating with the fundraisers supporting the same cause.

With Superchat for Good tool, YouTubers can raise funds right in the Live stream and videos. Superchat for Good works same as the normal super chat that YouTubers using to support their cause by their fans.

All of these tools are in Beta Phase and soon roll out in public version.

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