Facebook Introduces Messenger 4
Facebook Introduces Messenger 4 | Credits: Facebook Newsroom

After analyzing several surveys data, Facebook Introduces Messenger 4 by taking care of Simplicity in Mind. The New messenger 4 which globally rolls out today and will available to all users in coming weeks have several new features too. Don’t worry we list out all below. First of all, you should know why Facebook Introduces Messenger 4. Recently, Facebook takes surveys for its one of the two messaging platforms i.e. Messenger. Moreover, In the survey, they find people want more simplicity. On the one hand, people love messenger while on another they event want messenger options and feature more arranged. Hence, due to favor over simplicity on the survey data, Facebook decides to renovate messenger and launch it via a brand new name Messenger 4.

Okay, this is all about the introduction part of messenger 4. Let’s roll over to the features that are new or renovated in this new messaging app by Facebook.

Tabs Renovation

Facebook renovates and makes messenger more simplistic by introducing three tabs only i.e. Chat Tab, People Tab, and Discover Tab. In the previous version, Messenger has 9 tabs, 4 at the top and 5 at the bottom. Now, In Messenger 4 you find only the previously mentioned 3 tabs at the bottom of the Messenger 4 App.

The Chats Tab where all your conversations data resides. Moreover, the People Tab, let you find friends and access their stories. Note that, You can know who is active right now on Messenger via this tab now. Finally, Discover Tab helps you access business brands, finding the latest active deals, Play Games etc.

Chat Customization via Color Gradients

Messenger 4 Brings the Color Gradients for the Chat bubble which creates inside Messenger when you send a message to your friend. One can customize the bubble color according to their mood or Taste.

Old Great Features Remains Intact Don’t worry

Messenger 4 takes care of all the great old features like Live Location, Polling, Game Challenge to Your friends etc. by keeping it in Messenger 4.

This is all the about the new features or the renovations you find in Messenger 4. Moreover, the company reveals they will introduce some more great features like dark mode etc. to this app in future updates.

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