Google Play Upgrades Movies to 4K for Free
Google Play Upgrades Movies to 4K for Free

According to the latest update by Google, Google Play Upgrades Movies to 4K for Free. Google Present them a brand new Gift to those users who use Google Play to Purchase Movies. This gift upgrades all their normal standard and high definition Movie files to 4K version. But don’t concern that right now you go through Google Play to purchase SD and HD movies and it will automatically upgrade to 4K. Google team takes the decision to give 4K Upgrades to only those movies that users buy before October 23, 2018.

Seems like some of the users are going to feel sorry that they didn’t purchase movies via Google Play in Past. But don’t worry Google also consider those users too. Now, Purchasing Movies especially the 4K one via Google Play is cost effective. We say this because most of the 4K movies available in Google Play right now downs to less than $20 to $30 in range.

Have you noticed we say most of the Google Play movies are upgraded to 4K? Well, this is what which didn’t excite me that much. But still, we now have a source to Grab 4K movies at an affordable rate.

What is your opinion about this new step by Google? Moreover, also let us know what is your marketplace to buy movie files. Do you now consider Google Play to buy movies if you want a 4K one? Let us know in the comment section down below.

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