Screenshots in Windows 10
Screenshots in Windows 10

If you are either a newbie to Windows 10 or even a pro taking screenshots in Windows 10 is somewhat difficult with respect to other OS. Screenshots which play a vital role to save your time in certain scenarios. Moreover, If you command over all different ways of taking screenshots especially in Windows 10 you definitely save more time. Do note that all these screenshots taking tricks works only in Windows 10 and it may or may not works in other OS versions.

Top 5 Way to Take Screen Shots in Windows 10

1. Via CTRL + PRT SC Button

This is the epic way to capture a screenshot of your entire Computer Screen. Once you click both of these buttons together, the entire screen of your laptop or computer gets inside your clipboard. Now, To use it at any place just paste it by clicking CTRL + V buttons together or via the right click of your mouse button.

2. Via Windows + PRT SC Button

This key combination takes the screenshot of your entire screen and saves it in .png image format in your this PC Pictures Folder of Windows 10 OS.

3. Via ALT + PRT SC Button

In some situations, you just want to take a screenshot of an active window which you select. Well in that cases this key combination will come handy to you. Just select the Active window which you want to take a screenshot of and punch these key combination together.

4. Via Snip Sketch Tool

Windows 10 October Update brings a brand new tool to take screenshots. You can think of this tool as the renovation of the Windows old Snipping tool. Just ask or Type in Cortona for Snip and Sketch to open the tool. Now, In the tool, you find an option “New” in the top left corner. Click on it. Now, you can take screenshots in Rectangular, Freeform, and Fullscreen. Select the Appropriate type to take a screenshot.

5. Via Action Center

Use to Cortona to open action center or you can even use the shortcut Win + A button to open action center instantly. Now, Clicking the Expand button leads you several sets of options. Now, from these options click on Screen Snip and Windows again ask you select snipping in Rectangular, Freeform, and Fullscreen. Select your desired option to take a screenshot.

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