Reliance Launches Video Conferencing App JioMeet

Ever since the privacy concern raised over Zoom (that has over 300 million daily active users in India), India announced a project for local companies to build an encrypted video conferencing solution that works on all platforms. For that, the Indian Government also promised to give Rs. One crore to the team to develop the app. This initiative brings some indigenous solutions like Say Namaste.

Now, Jio has also entered into the Video Conferencing industry by launching a new app called JioMeet that is entirely free for now (I mean there is no paid plans available for now) and support 720p high definition calls. JioMeet has a Group calling feature that allows upto 100 participants to make a video call with each other. On JioMeet, these free calls can be long-lasting to 24 hours. Jio says users can password protect a call, and the calls are encrypted but haven’t explained whether they are end-to-end encrypted or not.

JioMeet also supports Multi-Device login (up to five devices) and gives the user the facility to share their device screen when they want to.

Other features in JioMeet are Safe Driving Mode that lets the user switch the call from one device to another. It also has a Waiting Room facility to enable the participants to ask for permission to enter a call.

One can avail JioMeet on a variety of platforms via its standalone apps, but on the browser, it works only on Google Chrome and Firefox. On the browser, you can access it from here. JioMeet Standalone apps are available on Windows, Android, iOS, and macOS. Besides these, JioMeet also has a plugin for Outlook.

Is JioMeet the Clone of Zoom?

Some users who already have tried the JioMeet app says it looks more or less like Zoom. On Twitter, A user shared screenshots in which he compares the interface of Zoom and JioMeet side by side. From the screenshots, for now, it looks like JioMeet a clone of Zoom, but I let it up to you to decide about the same.

JioMeet may become more exclusive to Education and Health someday

Although it looks like JioMeet is a video conferencing app, their executives said that someday it brings some features to help doctors quickly consult their patients, prescribe them medicine, and so on. It may also bring exclusive features to initiate virtual classrooms, record sessions, assign and accept homework, and conduct tests.

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