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In a bid to improve the browser performance and introduce new features among the users, the Google Chrome team has started rolling out the M85 update. The M85 update is all about the tab improvements and that is the reason this update has brought 7 new features about the tabs. This article explains these new tab specific features below in detail.

Chrome Tabs are now 10 percent faster

The M85 update has introduced a new Profile Guided optimization technique that now makes web pages to load 10 percent faster in chrome. You can read more about it from here.

Tab Grouping

Back in 2018, We first came to know about the Tab Grouping feature and then in September 2019, Chrome brought this feature for iOS and Android and now with M85 update this feature is rolling out to the Chrome Desktop Client. With Tab Grouping feature, you can collapse or expand tabs in Chrome.

Touch Friendly Tabs in Tablet Mode

Soon, if you are using the browser in Tablet Mode, you will able to flip though your tabs. These tabs will be larger when you need them other you can collapse it to the top of the screen. See the below screenshot to see how this Touch Friendly Tabs looks in the Tablet Mode.

Touch Friendly Tabs in Tablet Mode
Touch Friendly Tabs in Tablet Mode | Credits: Google Blog

Easily Switch to an Already Opened Tab

You can spot this feature in Chrome’s Android Client. Now, when you type a page title in the Omnibox and if a tab with the same title exist/opened in the background then you can now see a new suggestion to switch to the same tab easily. See the below screenshot to get the idea of what I’m talking about.

Easily Switch to an already opened tab Chrome
Easily Switch to an already opened tab Chrome | Credits: Google Blog

Tab Previews

While Tab Previews is part of Chrome already, till now it shows only the tab title and the link of the tab, but now, with M85, the tab previews show a thumbnail preview of the page.

Fill out and save PDF Forms in Chrome

The new update also let Chrome to fill PDF Forms and save them with the inputs provided. If a user opens the file again, they can start from where they left off. Also, earlier we told you Chrome 85 to have the tagged PDF.

Share URL via QR Code

For Android, Chrome already has released the URL sharing via QR Code and now the same feature is landed in the latest Desktop Client. While this feature is rolling out in M85, you may not find the same right now but you can enable it from the below mentioned flag.


Once enabled, you will able to see a QR code icon in the address bar for a page opened in a tab. You can then click on the same QR code icon to enlarge it so that you can scan it from your smartphone to access the URL encodes inside it.

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