Chrome 80 Deep Linking

The Google Chrome team has released the new M85 update of the Chrome Browser. While the browser introduces several new features, it also makes its tabs 10 percent faster with the introduction of Profile Guided Optimization.

Those of you who don’t know, Profile Guided Optimization is a Compiler Optimization Technique that makes a code run faster. The Profile Guided Optimization technique takes real usage scenarios and optimizes that part of the code that are used the most. The same has done with the Chrome M85 browsers for Mac and Windows. In a Chromium blog post it is mentioned, it is the Profile Guided Optimization technique that now makes the web pages in Google Chrome loads 10 percent faster even though many tabs or tasks are running on the Chrome Browser.

Tab Throttling is Beta

We all are using the Chrome Browser with many tabs open. While have many tabs opened performing some task may degrade the performance of the browser as well as the OS. Seeing the same, the Chrome team has introduced a new Tab Throttling feature in the browser which is currently in beta. The Tab Throttling feature selects those tabs that are ideal in the background for a long time and then allocate their resources to those tabs on which the user is currently working on. Max Christoff, the engineering director of Google Chrome says Tab Throttling not just increases the loading speed of tabs in Chrome but also going to save the device battery and memory usage.

So, these are the two features or you can say the technique coming in the Chrome browser to make is faster than currently it is.

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