Chrome Tab Grouping
Chrome Tab Grouping

Chrome Tab Grouping is an upcoming feature in Google Chrome via which tab are arranged in Visual Groups. As the name clearly indicates this new feature will bundle Chrome Tabs in a single and so on. Right now we don’t know officially how it works.

This feature was first introduced and is talking about in one of the forum of Once Google developers ready to launch it, they first test it on one of the Chrome’s Canary Build. Note that Chrome Canary is the version of Chrome where Chrome Browser’s beta testers are located. They fist taste this feature and give their opinion. Finally, when everything will be OK it will roll out in the stable build.

Right now, when we create a new tab by opening a new one, it will take some space above the browser’s URL section. The situation becomes messier when we open several new tabs. This will confuse users finding a tab because the tab name layered over another one.

However talking about tab grouping, this case not applies with it because here tabs are arranged vertically in a list.

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