Instagram Testing Redesigned Profile Section
Instagram Testing Redesigned Profile Section | Credits: Instagram Blog

Instagram Testing Redesigned Profile Section. Instagram has been constantly improving User experience by introducing new features an option. Taking lead this time the Photo sharing application redesigns the profile section and also adds several other options.

Now, In the profile section of Instagram, you will see your Profile Icon on the right side of the page, earlier it is present on the left side. The new update will also introduce several buttons like following, message, call, email, directions, start order etc. Besides that, you will also see a mutual section in addition to followers and following section. However, right now we don’t know what is present in this “Mutual” section. The section may contain the intersection of Followers and Following section.

The New design will roll out in upcoming weeks because Instagram Design engineers are testing it right now. So, if you bored with the old Instagram’s Interface, then, stay tuned for the new one in the upcoming weeks.

Do let us know in the comments below, Do you like the current design of Instagram or you’ll be waiting for a new one?

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