LinkedIn Caught Violating Data Protection Rules
LinkedIn Caught Violating Data Protection Rules

LinkedIn Caught Violating Data Protection Rules. Various Social Networks now fished for violating data protection rules. This time fingers are pointing towards Microsoft owned company LinkedIn. The recent report by Ireland’s Data Protection Commissioner says that LinkedIn somehow obtains 18 million US users email. Next, to that, the platform uses these emails for targeted ads on Facebook. The surprising thing is these 18 million users are not part of LinkedIn. Means there are not register themselves in the respective social platform. This method totally violates the Data Transparency rules that come under GDPR.

The report first lightens up when back in 2017 a user complains about LinkedIn activities towards those people who are not part of their platform. Note that currently there are approximately 600 million users who are part of this social networking platform. Moreover, after this news came forward there were trust issues rises on one of this leading social platform too.

The Data Protection Commissioner doesn’t reveal the info of How LinkedIn got those 18 million email addresses.

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