Yahoo Mail Integrates Two New Features
Yahoo Mail Integrates Two New Features

In a recent update, Yahoo mail integrates two new features called Reminder and Unsubscribe in its platform. Yahoo implements both of these two features to help users better manage their Yahoo mail account. Note that Reminder feature helps the user to set reminders for emails to better prioritize emails.

For example, Suppose you got a mail for something you have to bill out in the next five days. You can set a reminder for these types of mail. The reminder feature also lets you add notes in the form of text so as to give you insight about the reminder. Yahoo also adds a Manage Reminder section via which you can edit, update or delete a reminder. In this Manage reminder section, you’ll also see all you inactive reminders.

Now, talking about the Unsubscribe feature which is one of the most important features of an email service. Yahoo now has the unsubscribe feature in its platform. So, its time to say no to the spam mailers. Note that Gmail already has this feature in its platform. This feature overcomes your headache with those spam emails that will find a way to your inbox after talking all the necessary precautions.

Both of these two features finds a way to Yahoo mail iOS and Android version. However, developers from Yahoo says they will soon add more useful features to the platform.

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