Firefox Breached Website Notification
Firefox Breached Website Notification | Image Credits: Firefox

Firefox Breached Website Notification is a feature that may come in the upcoming firefox upcoming update. Security is a major concern for all the bodies that are available online. However, there must be some security monitoring tool that is present at the initial level. One of the most popular browsers available on the Internet, Firefox is going to add a feature like this. This feature helps to monitor vulnerable sites.

It works as when you visit or surf the Internet you go through several websites in a path. Do you know you encounter several sites that are vulnerable? The sites became vulnerable because of several reasons such as data compromised etc. Soon Firefox rolls out a feature via which you can identify recently compromised sites. These sites are those who recently encounter a data breach. This new feature name is Firefox Monitor Notification. It is a free service that notifies you about recent data breaches.

Right now, this service is available in Firefox Quantum Browser. However, it soon knocks the normal version door, don’t worry. Once you visit a site that has been breached recently you get a notification right within the browser. You can get this notification left next to the green https badge on your URL. You can know further about the data breach by clicking on the check Firefox Monitor option or you can dismiss it.

If you are an old firefox user and wants to taste Firefox Monitor then you can even use it right now. You just have to sign up for Firefox Monitor via your email address that’s it. Now, every time a data breach happens on the Internet you get a mail.

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