Google Maps App add Native Message Option
Google Maps App add Native Message Option | Image Credits: Google

Google Maps App add Native Message Option to Business Profiles in the Latest Update. Google Maps and Google Business are the two products made by Google which ease our way of doing business online. If your business is a local one you can mark it on Google Maps. This will not only expose your business worldwide but also help users who are interested to visit you. Similarly, You can also manage all your online business activities via Google Business. Google Business helps you to furthermore boost your online presence by helping you create your own website, manage your post online etc.

Now, Any business has a key thing in common that is “Communication“. This thing short down all the difficult way to find answers for both side, Customer and Seller. Therefore, Google has integrated a message button to both of its online business tool we mention above. Note down, Google business already has the message option facility but Google Maps lacks it.

Let me explain to you via an example. Suppose you are on Google Maps and find a local business there and want to ask some query thereon. Now, you don’t have a message option facility present there, till now.

Google Maps App Add Native Message Option to Business Profiles: How to Access it?

Google Maps now adds the message facility via which you can message any local business presence there.

First, open your Google Maps app then search for the business you want to message.

Once you are on the exact Local Business page, tap on the Hamburger Icon¹ present on the top left corner of your screen.

Once you click on the Hamburger icon you see a Message option present there.

Clicking or Tapping on the message option leads to open a chat box via which you can send a message to the business or ask your queries.

After this update, you can send a message to a business profile in two ways. One by navigating to Google search and type the Business name for who you want to message. If that business is on Google business, then you find a Big box present there where the message option already resides. Second Via Google Maps, the procedure we mention above.

How to access Google Maps Native Message Option?
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To message a business profile in all the cases, it must be registered in Google Business and have enabled the Message Feature.

¹ Hamburger Icon, Menu Button, Three Horizontal bars or the Collapsed menu button is generally used in GUI to hide some functions behind it. This will provide extra space on the screen and also give the UI a more clean look.

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