Google .dev Domain Registration Opens
Google .dev Domain Registration Opens from January 2019 | Image Credits:

Google .dev Domain Registration Opens from January 2019. Niche-based top-level domains are becoming popular as the shortage of popular top-level domains. Infesting this Journey Google now open registration of another popular top-level domain i.e. “.dev“. As you can see the name indicates .dev means it suits well for showcase works of a developer. For example, you are a developer you can buy one of your custom domain and make your own GitHub. More or less something like that.

Another popular top-level domain that developers might consider to showcase their artwork ends with .io. Many of you don’t know about io in .io, well basically it means input/output. Earlier this year Google launches .app ending top-level domain to categorize it for app developers. However, .app ending domain compulsory requires HTTPS wrapping.

Although the registration for .dev domain starts publicly from February 19, 2019. However, Google soon starts providing it too early adopters basically from January 16, 2019. Between a period of February 19-28, this version of domain cost more. However, its price will decrease afterward February 28.

So, if you are a developer and looking forward to pasting your project on your personal domain then it is a good time to think so.

Let me tell you that .dev domain also falls down to Top level domain category. Means in search engine ranking its weight is as equal as a .com domain. However, if you look closely Google now more frequently launches industry-specific ending domains. We think in coming future industry-specific ending domains will weight more when we compare it to popular top-level domains like .com, .org, .net etc.

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