Firefox Launches Price Tracking Extension Price Wise
Firefox Launches Price Tracking Extension Price Wise | Image Credits: Firefox

One of the most popular browsers of the Internet Firefox launches Price Tracking Extension Price Wise. This extension is especially useful for those who are a regular online shopper or like to shop online. Price Wise helps you to track drop in the price of products. These set of products are from the top US websites that are Amazon, Best Buy, eBay, Home Depot and Walmart. Okay, let’s talk about how this extension works?

Firefox Launches Price Tracking Extension Price Wise: How it works?

In Price Wise Extension all, you have to add some of the products that are present on any of the online shopping platform I list above. That’s it, you are done. If any of the product’s prices drop in the price wise extension list you make, the extension give you a notification.

All you have to Install this extension in your Firefox browser: Price Wise Firefox extension.

One thing you all might think about is your data privacy. Price wise says they collect your data about Product from the Product pages you often visit. Moreover, they also collect data about the product you choose to track, such as frequency in the price change etc.

If you want to know what are all the types of data Price Wise collects from you, you can read it from here.

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