Chrome Soon Block Every Ads of an Abusive Ad Experience Site
Chrome Soon Block Every Ads of an Abusive Ad Experience Site

Chrome Soon Block Every ad of an Abusive Ad Experience Site. We all know How Google cares about all those users who use their products and services. Talking about one such popular service is Chrome. A freeware browser that is written in C, C++, Java, Javascript, Python and supports 47 languages. Now, talking about user experience, Chrome improves it furthermore by blocking sites who are presenting abusive ads to their visitors. From abusive ads, we mean ads that interpret a site visitor in a wrong way. For example, if an ad is showing a shoe ad clicking on it leads to that specific shoe product page. However, these days to generate more revenue some sites redirects such type of advertisement to some other irrelevant page. Google treats such type of ads as abusive.

Some ads sometimes clicking on it leads to open several new tabs, Which are totally irrelevant. Chrome 68 however, already removes this abusive ad experience. Right now, we are running version 69. Google officials give some indications to release Chrome 71 in December this year. After this version, we will see some more abusive ad experience removal.

Revealing some more info sites that are giving abusive ad experience and if detected by Chrome, First Chrome will provide them a 30 day grace period. If they failed to remove such ad, Chrome will block every ad present on their site to show up in their browser.

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