Pirated Movie Different Release Type Over Internet
Pirated Movie Different Release Type Over Internet

Pirated Movie Different Release Type Over Internet. Do you know all the different types of Pirated movies commonly releases on the Web? Well if you don’t know, this article will definitely help you in gathering this info. I know most of you out there who are reading this article must download at least one pirated movie ever in your lifetime. In fact, most of you also notice its different release type like the Cam version, DVD-Rip version etc. But do you know all these different versions or release type of a movie over the web? Below we list out all those. Moreover, we gonna also deep dive into its detail. So stay tuned and if you like this article share it on Facebook to give us more exposure.

Pirated Movie Different Release Type Over Internet: List

Okay, First of all, let me tell you I am not promoting torrenting pirated movies or other stuff. Besides that, I write this article to let you aware of all the different versions or release of a pirated movie that touches the web’s floor. Below is the list of all those.


Cam version that is label as CAMRip, CAM etc. This version is recorded via a camcorder or mobile phone in a cinema hall or theatre.


More commonly known as TS. You definitely see it as the suffix of HDTS. Here TS stands for Telesync. This version is also created by shooting via a camera but this time a profession one and from the projection room.


Most of you aren’t familiar with this one. Commonly known as the TC version. This version is created by copying a movie from analog reel to digital format.

Pay Per View Rip

Commonly known as PPV or PPVRip format. One creates it via pay-per-view service.


Commonly known as SCR, DVDSCR etc. Before releasing a movie some DVD copy of it is sent to movie reviewers or studio executives. From there on this version will exploit.

Digital Distribution copy

Commonly known as DDC. It is the digital copy of the SCR version.


You can see this more commonly as R5.AC3.5.1.HQ. This one is the retail DVD copy. Found mainly in regions like Russia, India, Africa.


More commonly known as DVDR, ISO-Rip etc. A complete copy of Retail DVD Version of a movie.


This version is captured from a satellite telecasting of a TV Episode or a movie.


This version came into existence when someone captured a movie from on-demand-service more commonly on their Cable TV.


Captured from online services such as iTunes, Vimeo etc. This format is quite good in quality.


Usually record from DRM streaming services like Netflix, Hotstar etc.

BD or BRRip

This one is copied from a Bluray Disc. High Quality.

That’s it these are all the different release of a pirated movie who find more commonly over the web. Do suggest some other in the comment box below.

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