How to use a WhatsApp account in more than one device
How to use a WhatsApp account in more than one device? | Image Credits: windowslatest

In this article, we are going to tell you How to use a WhatsApp account in more than one device? WhatsApp is currently the most popular as well as useful Instant messaging application on the Internet. It became so popular not just because it is free but the feature it provides. Whatsapp, however, has a limitation or you can say Whatsapp creates this limitation to make the app more secure. This limitation is using a WhatsApp account in only one device. However, you can overcome with this limitation by utilizing one of its feature called WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp Web is a feature via which you can access one WhatsApp account in more than one devices. To give you a step by step guide of How to implement it, first let me prompt you where this technique will prove to be useful for you.

This technique is especially useful for Business Marketers. They can use it to assemble a team of personnel who can handle a specific set of business queries. For example, one can use to create a customer service team for handling pizza delivery queries like that.

So, now because we understand the importance of this feature, let’s dive into the procedure to set up this feature.

How to use a WhatsApp Account in more than one Device? (Guide)

To use WhatsApp account in more than one device, first, you have to create a WhatsApp account as usual via a phone number. You can use WhatsApp Business application or the normal one to do it. We prefer the normal one because maybe in future facebook add some limitations to WhatsApp Business or you gonna pay for using it. That is why we prefer the normal one.

After creating a WhatsApp account, Open the same WhatsApp account and tap on the three vertical dot icon that is located at the top right corner of your screen. Here you find an option called WhatsApp.

Once you click on this option, your WhatsApp account looks for a WhatsApp QR Code to which it gives its access authority.

Now, the question where you get the WhatsApp QR code? For this take any other device it doesn’t matter whether you are taking a smartphone or a desktop.

Open a URL in your browser called Note that first, you have to set the desktop version in your browser.

Once you open the URL, you find a QR Code there. Now, Scan this QR code via the first device in which you opened the WhatsApp Web option earlier.

As soon as you scan the QR Code you give access to the device whose QR code you are scanning in WhatsApp.

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