YouTube Stories Rolls Out for Creators having 10000 Subscribers

YouTube Stories Rolls Out for Creators having 10000 Subscribers. YouTube announce about this feature last year on November at Vidcon. At the time of the announcement, YouTube gives this feature to some creators only. However, YouTube promises to release it later for all creators on YouTube.

Talking about How this feature work? It works exactly as other social networks stories feature. The only difference is, here it doesn’t disappear after 24 hours, instead, it remains for a week. Just like any other social networks stories section here, a creator can add short videos and also have the facility to decorate it with text, stickers, filters, and other stuff. However, still YouTube is behind in the race, On one, hand Instagram reaches the phase via which it sell products via stories. YouTube just crosses the first point.

So, If you are a creator and have more than 10K subscribers, then follows the steps given below to know How to upload one.

How to upload YouTube Stories?

To upload a story, first, open the YouTube App.

Tap on the video camera icon.

Then, Select Create Story.

YouTube Stories are viewable to Subscribers and Non-Subscribers both. The only difference is Subscribers can Comment, Thumbs Up, and Thumbs down a Youtube story. On the other side, Non-Subscribers will only able to thumbs up and thumbs down a YouTube story. One can find the active stories on the Subscription tab. Note that this feature is only available in Mobile App.

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