How to Add Alt Text in Instagram Photos
How to Add Alt Text in Instagram Photos

How to Add Alt Text in Instagram Photos? Instagram add the facility to add your own custom alt text in Instagram Photos. This facility has been added to Instagram to Help those user having visual impairments. Till now, Instagram adds the alt text in photos on its own, however, now user can add their custom alt text. Moreover, a user can still opt to choose Instagram to automatically add the alt text.

Below we present you the process of How to add alt text in Instagram Photos. Note that If you made your Instagram account public, then add alt text to Instagram also gives your account exposure and ultimately gain some followers. This happens because your photos can be indexed by Google. Now, coming to the point let’s see how to add alt text?

How to Add Alt Text in Instagram Photos?

First of all, open your Instagram app and then, upload a photo or choose one from your Instagram Gallery.

Next, You can add some filters to the photos or remain it normally. Then, Click on the Next option.

Now, you can tap on advance settings which you can find at the bottom of your screen.

Here you find an option to add alt text. Tap on it.

Now, write an alt text to optimize your photo. Once you are done tap on the Done option.

Alternatively, you can also add alt text by click on the three horizontal dots present in one of your uploaded photos on Instagram. Now here you find edit option, click on it. Now, once you click on the edit option at the bottom corner of the photo you find the edit alt text option.

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