Instagram NameTag Feature
Instagram NameTag Feature

Instagram NameTag feature today rolls out globally. The Photo or more commonly the visual sharing platform by Facebook today rolls out a new feature. Instagram team call this feature by the name NameTag. The basic functionality of this feature instantly provides your username to the person you met in real life. So, here we are going to reveal 5 things you should know about this feature.

5 Things to Know About Instagram NameTag Feature

This Feature now only helps Instagram users to increase their user count but also help Instagram building some more users.

  • You can customize your NameTag with several designs, colors, and Text.
  • NameTag functionality is just like QR code but Instagram officials try to give this feature a touch of themselves. So, they make this feature more cool by assigning username.
  • To access NameTag feature, Switch on your Instagram App and roll over to the menu over the top right corner. Select the NameTag feature and display it spontaneously to the person you met and from whom you want to gain following.
  • Similarly, If you want to follow a person on Instagram you met personally using this feature, Swipe right your camera. Then, points the camera focus to their NameTag.
  • Facebook, Twitter, and other social media already have this kind of feature in the form of QR Codes. However, If you want to ask our opinion this is way cooler because it looks more non-technical.

Previously we mentioned how Instagram testing some new Features for its Platform. Some of these features are Geofencing, Share to Feed etc. Do you favor Instagram over rolling out these features? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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