Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard App Adds Bing Search Bar
Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard App Adds Bing Search Bar | Image Credits: Microsoft

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard App adds Bing Search Bar in its latest update patch. Of course, SwiftKey adds Bing because Microsoft owns both of them. Note that, SwiftKey Alternative Keyboard application “Gboard” already adds Google Search, Translation, and Stickers in the app. From early this month SwiftKey Beta testers use this feature and now it is rolling out in the stable version too.

Microsoft SwiftKey Keyboard App Adds Bing Search Bar: Details

You can find the Bing Search Bar in SwiftKey Keyboard at the top left corner of the top bar. However, for this, you have to open your SwiftKey toolbar first. You can do so by clicking on the + icon present in the top left of Keyboard App. Then, you can type any text in the Bing Search Bar. Finally, the results you get are from Bing Search Engine.

The most Interesting thing What I found in this latest update of SwiftKey, Once you get a result for a query, you can quickly crop or get the link for the results and share it with your friends.

Crop and Share a Search Result in SwiftKey
Crop and Share a Search Result in SwiftKey

For example, you are chatting with your friend on an instant messaging app say WhatsApp. Now, you want to reference him about any topic from the web. So, here you don’t have to leave your conversation and go to your browser to give him the reference. All this you can do right from your SwiftKey Keyboard App.

Beside that SwiftKey also have some other popular features like Stickers, Location, Calendar, Translation etc. SwiftKey right now can translate over 60 languages.

Bing Search Integration in SwiftKey App is available only in countries like the US, India, UK, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

To get the Bing Search feature and other we mention above in your Swiftkey app, you have to update it first.

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